It’s a Mother’s Day Moment!


This picture was taken around Mother’s Day last year. It is truly incredible the difference one year can make. Last year, I was bald underneath that hot pink wig. During my year of treatment for breast cancer, my mom never left my side. It is hard to select one exemplary “mother moment” from the countless ways she was there for me while I battled breast cancer to demonstrate the unfailing love and support she has always shown my sister and me. My mind wanders back to those endless nights when the bone aches from treatment were so overwhelming that the only thing that helped ease the pain was to lay in a steaming, hot bath. My mom would come in the bathroom and just sit there next to the tub with me. We would talk about everything and I would do my best to tell jokes to keep us laughing as I like to do, but they often fell a little short. Turns out cancer is kind of a buzzkill. We would talk about “Property Brothers” or “House Hunters International”—the two TV shows that often single-handedly got us through the darkest times. What was on my DVR list was often the highlight of my day as all I could do much of was lay on the couch in some degree of pain. My mom was there for me every single moment. She kept my medications at the ready. She drove me to every appointment. She asked my doctors every question. She would sit next to me when I would cry from the constant, overwhelming pain or when I would cry because I felt just so unbelievably ugly all bald, pale, and weak.

One night, when my mom was again loyally by my side, I remember telling her that I did not know how I could ever possibly repay her for all she helped me through. I will never forget her response. She simply said, “Abby, I am your mom, if my child is sick I take care of them. There is nowhere else I would be.”

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you moms out there that know that kind of love that you, too, have for your children.

Love to you on Mother’s Day.


5 thoughts on “It’s a Mother’s Day Moment!

  1. Abby
    You truly do have an amazing Mother. Yes, mothers are supposed to be there to stand behind and go before their children as your Mother has done. In my work, I see so many children whose mothers are not fulfilling their “Motherly duties”. I am so thankful you had one of those Wonderful Mothers (trained in Tulsa, in a good adventist home and school 🙂 who loves her children and would give her life for you.
    Bless you and your Mom this Mothers’ Day

  2. I’ve been on both sides of the cancer experience and I can say for sure – it’s harder being the one standing by and watching the suffering. Your Mom would have given ANYTHING to take your place – I have NO DOUBT she would never leave you. You both have much to celebrate this Mother’s Day. Wishing you a life time of Mother’s Days together.

  3. Beautiful 🙂 I will read it to my mom because she answered me something similar once.
    Happy Mother’s day to you and your mom!

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